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Was it you who spoke the words

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~sigh~ Apr. 6th, 2017 @ 10:31 am
Well. That's that. LJ's officially taken one step further than I feel like walking beside it, so I'm migrating to Dreamwidth (literally, just finished copying all the old entries over). You're welcome to join me there, or if we interact on other social media things then HEY! you already have a more up-to-date window on my world.
I can't promise to be any more active at DW than I have been here, but I can tell you this is the last entry I'm making here, and in a few months I'mm'a close up this account entirely.

At the moment, I've got all my entries set to private so there's no missing this post. If you've had something of mine saved in your memories here and this action has erased your access to it, drop me a comment with the date on that entry/those entries & an e-mail address for you, and I'll copy & send it/them to you. And I'll screen comments so your stuff's not all out there in the wild. (Had a friend just wipe their blog w/o warning, a few years ago, and I lost a couple of particularly warm moments they'd posted about our meeting. That. Sucked. I know it wasn't personal at all, but it felt like a kick in the teeth. So here's me trying not to be that way w/ y'all.)

All of you rock, and this has been a swell ride...let's continue it in a different vehicle, ne?
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